Why is this so important?

Merger and acquisitions come with risks. Today, technology can play a big part in determining the full potential of a company and its valuation. Technology can affect a company’s reputation, risk, financials, and operational efficiencies.  It is important to know and understand the value of a company’s technology, in addition to its capital investments and operational costs.

 This knowledge can lead to improved negotiations through a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the company’s technology providing the ability to make a more educated decision in merging with a company or an acquisition.

 Knowing what potential technology debt or technology challenges exist, will allow for the preparation of additional resources to be allocated and what that could potentially cost in time and money.


Areas of Concern

There are many areas of primary concern to consider when assessing and reviewing technology. These include:


    • Architecture
    • Debt
    • Integrations
    • Security posture and vulnerabilities
    • Compliance
    • Strategy
    • Life cycles
    • Human resources
    • Risk management

Technology areas

The two primary technology areas consist of Information and Telecommunication technologies. These are the backbone of any modern company. Without these, companies could not exist or function in today’s modern world. These areas both are being prioritized in a company’s strategy and financial decisions.  Here is a list of what should be assessed in each area of technology.


    • Cyber Security – Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of IT Infrastructure, Applications, and Business Processes.
    • Risk management and cyber insurance policy review
    • Asset inventory and valuation
    • Internal and external staffing
    • Operational costs
    • Capital investments
    • Life cycle management
    • Vendor list and management
    • Understand current IT strategy and alignment with the business goals and mission
    • Regulation compliance requirements
    • Strategic “Cloud” and Network architecture, or application and data segmentation.
    • Integrations of software and systems
    • Legacy, unsupported, or zombie (the development company went out of business) systems and software
    • Project management process and system
    • Asset management, monitoring, logging, automated remediation, and escalated alerts.
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans


    • Telephone system/s
    • Operational costs
    • Capital investments
    • Internet connectivity
    • Security
    • Mobile services
    • Redundancies, failover, disaster recovery plans
    • Vendor management
    • Contract management



Datawise Networks offers a variety of assessments that can be tailored to what your priorities and concerns may be or can all be included in one comprehensive assessment.

It is important to consider all the areas of technology and how diverse and complicated these systems can be. It can potentially take quite some time to perform these assessments if a comprehensive assessment is needed. If a comprehensive assessment is needed, it is recommended to start the process right away in order to minimize the time it will take to come up with an educated decision on determining the value of a company or to move forward with a merger.

Datawise Networks has partnered with industry leaders in Cyber Security, Insurance, and Merger and Acquisition services to ensure you get the most accurate information to help with your business decisions.


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