Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Services

At Datawise Networks we offer all the latest cloud solutions from backup, cloud storage, remote worker solutions, to hosted servers and apps.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cyber Attacks, natural disasters, hardware failures, and theft are all the major causes of data loss. Our cloud backup solutions offer both the benefits of backing up your critical data to the cloud but also provide on-premise backups for quick recoveries in case of a disaster. Our solutions are cost-effective, secure and redundant.

Hosted Servers and Applications

Depending on your business needs, having an on-premise server can be costly and cannot be as dynamic with the growth of the business as a hosted cloud server. Hosted cloud servers can be more cost-effective, hardware doesn’t get outdated, and do not require an upfront capital expenditure. 

Remote Worker Solutions - Remote access

Remote access applications, VPN access, and cloud desktops are ways that employees can work from anywhere and maintain productivity. We can custom design a portfolio of solutions to help you maintain a workforce no matter where they are working from.  

Microsoft/Office 365 Expertise and services

Microsoft/Office 365 can be a powerful suite of products that can help you be productive and secure. However, navigating the Microsoft ecosystem can be daunting for any technical personal. We have the expertise to ensure we provide you the right solutions and ensure all the features and benefits are taken advantage of to maximize the value you can get from the Microsoft suite of products and services. 

We manage or co-manage technology and risk so you can focus on your business