Cyber Security Solutions and Services


Cyber Security is one of the top concerns of businesses today. We take Cyber Security very seriously. Datawise Networks offers cutting-edge, next generation solutions and services to reduce and mitigate reduce risk. The experts at Datawise Networks have worked with governments and enterprises around the world with some of the latest patented technologies in the Cyber Security industry. In partnership with leading experts in the field, award winning solutions, and cutting-edge technologies, it is with high confidence that Datawise Networks will protect your business’s reputation, intellectual property, and digital assets. In addition, Datawise Networks can match you up with the right Insurance company to ensure you have the right cyber insurance policy that actually covers you. In most cases, if you are using our recommended solutions and services, we can also help to reduce the cost of that policy. 

Complete Cyber Security & Compliance Platform

NIST-based risk assessment

A team of CISOs has created a NIST-based online Risk Assessment that meets regulatory requirements. This has an automated Work Plan generation for instant access to the Work Plan required to close the gaps identified!

Comprehensive, unlimited security awareness training

Unlimited, comprehensive security awareness training is included. Training is a self-paced, web-based courses, and includes weekly refreshers to keep employees cyber aware!

Dark Web Monitoring

Deep Diver is a Dark Web Monitoring engine. Ever-vigilant, Deep Diver continually monitors the Dark Web for compromised credentials and PII. When a new breach is identified on the Dark Web, it is scanned for the domains or email addresses of the clients you monitor and alerts you immediately if they are found. 

Through a mix of artificial intelligence and human interaction, Deep Diver continually scours the Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web for breached credentials and PII.

More than 98 Billion Breach Records



Comprehensive policy management

Over 70 policies, fully templated for you to use and customize. These policies have been vetted by a team of CISOs and enforcement officers, and have withstood thousands of audits for companies all over the country.


Simulated phishing

Also included are simulated phishing attacks, keeping employees on their toes; and the results report directly into your own dashboard!

Managed Detection and Response

Businesses face many challenges trying to secure their assets





Given the seriousness of the challenge, businesses are throwing a lot of money at a solution, but there isn’t enough money in the world to hire people who don’t exist. And those who do exist, don’t have the proper training to thwart real threats.



Cybersecurity is still a human battle and requires AI in addition to technology and tools. The attackers on the other end are people with their own motives and agendas — human behavior is a piece of the puzzle.


Every organization deserves a world-class security operations center

Don’t have someone monitoring threats attempting to attack your network? Are you not getting notified when a hack on your network has been attempted? Are you confident your network has not been infiltrated already?  


Get the latest technology without having to build your own

Security technology changes at a dizzying speed, so often what’s newly acquired become legacy shortly after it’s implemented. With the security platforms we offer, you get access to the most up-to-date innovations as they are available.

  • Integrates with your existing infrastructure and controls
  • 24/7 Us-based security operations centers
  • 360 degree visibility across networks, endpoints, logs, and cloud
  • Closed-loop incident response





Firewalls are your first line of defense. It is important to use a firewall that leverages all the latest technologies to reduce your risks to cyber threats. Technologies like sandboxing, cloud AI, and others are some of the latest technologies to take advantage of.  We utilize various vendor firewalls and ensure you are using the best solution for your budget and business needs.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Are you worried about sensitive or confidential information leaking out of your organization? We have solutions to protect your information and prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands.

Encryption Solutions

Whether you need encryption for dat at rest or data in motion, we have you covered! We utilize many different technologies to ensure your data is safe.

User Training

Some Cyber Security threats will never achieve 100% protection, for example, social engineering threats, phishing attacks, and others. User training will always be needed to prevent certain types attacks to steal your information. We can provide interactive trainings for your staff and determine the level of knowledge that your employees have in order to help them avoid being a victim of these types of attacks.

Authentication Solutions (Multi-factor Authentication)

Authentication solutions are important to ensure that the person requesting access is in fact that person. Just IT Pros can provide various levels of solutions to ensure you know exactly who is accessing resources and they are in fact authorized.

Cyber Security Consulting

It is critical to architect a cyber strategy that will lower risk and stay within the budgetary requirements of a business. This can be a complicated process. Next is going through the aqcuisition process of first determining what cyber security solutions to evaluate, what to buy, and then how to properly implement them, this can be daunting. Just IT Pros can help with the entire process and guide you down the right path.

Incident Response, Forensics, and Remediation

Ever experienced a Cyber breach? If you haven’t, we hope you never do. If you do get breached, it requires a lot of experience/expertise, advanced solution sets, has to be done as fast as possible to reduce downtime. It is critial the process is managed correctly. Just IT Pros provides all the necessary resources and services to respond to your cyber beach.

We manage or co-manage technology and risk so you can focus on your business