Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services and Solutions

Cyber Security is one of the top concerns of businesses today. We take Cyber Security very seriously. Just IT Pros offers cutting-edge solutions to dramatically reduce risk. In some cases, against specific types of cyber threats, we can provide cyber immunity. The founder of Just IT Pros has worked with governments and enterprises around the world with some of the latest patented technologies in the Cyber Security industry. Relationships with innovative vendors on the cutting-edge of combating threats, it is with high confidence that Just IT Pros will protect your business and its digital assets. 

Managed Cyber Security Service

Don’t have someone monitoring threats attempting to attack your network? Are you not getting notified when a hack on your network has been attempted? Are you confident your network has not been infiltrated already? We can help! Through our own teams and our partner company, we will monitor get alerted on all suspicious activity or suspicious files as they occur. 

Endpoint Protection (Antivirus)

Just IT Pros is always testing the latest in antivirus solutions and technologies. We will always ensure you are using the “best-of-bread” in antivirus/endpoint protection.

Virus Immunity

If you are willing to utilize cutting-edge technologies, Just IT Pros can provide new solutions that take a different approach to viruses like ransomware. We believe in creating a “default-deny” or “Zero Trust” environment to only allow authorized and known-good activities and files. This is a pro-active approach and has been proven to be able to achieve 100% protection against threats like ransomware and trojan horse attacks.


Just IT Pros will always insist on using a business-class firewall to minimize any attempts of hackers penetrating your network. We utilize various vendor firewalls and ensure you are using the best solution for your budget and business needs.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Are you worried about sensitive or confidential information leaking out of your organization? We have solutions to protect your information and prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands.

Encryption Solutions

Just IT Pros uses multiple technologies to protect your data and communications. If you need secure voice calls or need to encrypt a file to send to someone, or you are required to encrypt your data for compliance reasons, we are here to help.

User Training

Some Cyber Security threats will never achieve 100% protection, for example, social engineering threats, phishing attacks, and others. User training will always be needed to prevent certain types attacks to steal your information. We can provide interactive trainings for your staff and determine the level of knowledge that your employees have in order to help them avoid being a victim of these types of attacks.

Authentication Solutions (Multi-factor Authentication)

Authentication solutions are important to ensure that the person requesting access is in fact that person. Just IT Pros can provide various levels of solutions to ensure you know exactly who is accessing resources and they are in fact authorized.

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